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Quiz: Which RPG Class do you belong to?

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Answer what you would do in RPG situations, and we'll tell you to which class you belong to!

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What is an RPG class

RPG characters are usually divided into classes. These classes represent a stereotype, or rather something like a profession within the game. Depending on the RPG, your class goes even further, as it also defines how your character sees the world, after all, it doesn't make much sense for a cleric to want to kill an entire village (unless he's the peacemaker). They have their own skills and concepts to differentiate them from one another.

The types of RPG classes

There are several RPGs and, therefore, numerous classes. The Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) classes are Barbarian, Bard, Warlock, Cleric, Druid, Wizard, Guardian, Warrior, Rogue, Sorcerer, Monk, and Paladin.


Other RPGs like GURPS can have many, many classes, such as Swordsman, Animagi, Monks, Necromancer, Sorcerers, Warrior, Mages, Bards; and many others like: Priest, Psionics, Swashbuckler, Executioner, Mathematicians, Alchemist, Archers, Shaman, Hunter, etc.

Now that you know what an RPG class is and what awaits you ahead, let's get to the test!


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You enter a room full of treasures. Your eyes shine as the gold reflects on your eyes. What do you do?

The treasure is ours!!! Take them all!Correct symbol

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Why not set the entire room on fire? Maybe there's a Mimic hidden there and melted gold is worth as much as solid gold.Correct symbol

Before entering the room, I'll make a test to check for traps.Correct symbol

Gold will make us succumb into temptations. I'll just take enough to help my hometown and that's it.Correct symbol

You are in a bar drinking to celebrate the success of the last mission. A humanoid being with a face hidden in a hood taps you on the shoulder. When looking back, he disappears.

Very suspicious, let's find out what happened. Let's look behind the bar! He must be close by!Correct symbol

What touches us, leaves a track. We'll track him using our ranger or use some magic to check where the figure has gone.Correct symbol

Must have been another drunk in this bar. Life is short, let's keep celebrating!Correct symbol

Ask people nearby if they saw any details about the mysterious figure.Correct symbol

You see someone being robbed in a fair. The thief looks pretty experienced.

Theft in a fair? Bring me the dragons, I don't want to waste time with such things!Correct symbol

Maybe I can steal him while he is worried about stealing someone else?Correct symbol

I'll make a test to check the thief's level. It's better to be safe than sorry!Correct symbol

A theft is an unforgivable act, and the order must be established. Let's go after the thief!Correct symbol

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You're in front of the dragon's lair! You feel the air from the place getting warmer. Your first speech to your companions is:

Let's check our equipment. Everyone has enough tools and potions?Correct symbol

A dragon might bring destruction and chaos to the nearby citizens, we got to slay him!Correct symbol

Why waste time fighting the dragon? Let's just pass by hidden and take the treasure!Correct symbol


Two people are kidnapped, and the kidnapper threatens to kill one of them if you keep following him.

I stop and follow them from afar, and I wait the right moment to save both people.Correct symbol

I'm confident, I'm so fast that I'll be able to kill the kidnapper before he does anything. Let's roll the die!Correct symbol

Two people die, but we get to save one of them? Fair enough, at least we'll help someone!Correct symbol

I will reason with the kidnapper and I will persuade him to stop. He will understand my points.Correct symbol

You are out of money, have neither weapons nor armor. Your clothes are torn. You are stinking. How to get some coins?

Other people's money is my money too, as long as they don't realize I'm using their money.Correct symbol

Nothing an honest job for a while won't get me back on track.Correct symbol

We just force some people to lend us money. I swear I pay them later with interest.Correct symbol

For those times, I have an excellent solution: sell some products that I created on my own. Let's get rich real quick.Correct symbol

A monster is ahead of you! What's your position on the battlefield?

In front, protecting my friends.Correct symbol

Behind, waiting for the right moment to strike.Correct symbol

In front, sawing the monster in half.Correct symbol

Behind, coordinating the team and helping them with my powers.Correct symbol