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Critical Role's Mathew Mercer to join Dimension 20's new season as main DM

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The iconic Dungeon Master headlining Critical Role will come to another RPG actual play show favorite: Dimension 20!

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Big news for fans of Critical Role and Dimension 20: Matthew Mercer has just been announced as main Dungeon Master for the next season of Dimension 20.

The announcement was made over at Dimension 20's main Twitter account, showing only a 30-second teaser of Matthew Mercer in front of the familiar backdrop and all set up behind a new DM setup complete with little towers and emerald goblets:

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Dimension 20 features various different settings for each of its new seasons and campaigns, under the guise of incredibly creative DM, Brennan Lee Mulligan. The show is usually run under modified versions of Dungeons&Dragons 5E, though recent seasons have featured systems such as Good Society and Kids on Brooms - particularly in Misfits & Magic. Special featured dungeon masters include names such as Aabria Iyengar and Gabe Hicks.


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Critical Role, on the other hand, the epic and almost decade-long Dungeons & Dragons actual play series, has spanned three different campaigns throughout its almost eight-year run, featuring different groups such as Vox Machinalink outside website, Mighty Nein and Bells Hells. This series has inspired a comic book version, several different web-video shows, and even a Prime Video animated series.

The two shows have collaborated in the past, as Brennan Lee Mulligan and Iyengar have been the Dungeon Masters on Critical Role's side campaigns, Exandria Unlimited, and Matthew Mercer was featured in Dimension 20's Escape from the Bloodkeep and Pirates of Leviathan campaigns. But this season of Dimension 20 will be the first featuring Matthew Mercer as the DM, rather than a player or collaborator.

The teaser for Dimension 20's next season, however, contained no further details about the show, such as the title of the campaign, the setting, system, theme, who will be at the table or how many episodes it will have. The upcoming release is set to May, on Dropout streaming services.