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Spelljams: A Soundtrack for your D&D campaign!

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It was released today, and without fanfare, a vinyl record with songs inspired by the D&D Spelljammer scene.

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The official Twitter account of the band Red Fanglink outside website announced on August 16 the release of a double vinyl album containing songs inspired by the upcoming scenario by Wizards of the Coast for D&D: "Spelljammer: Adventures in the Space."

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The album was released, without much fanfare, by the KILL Rock Stars label and was curated by the musician Chris Funk of the indie rock band, so don't expect to hear only heavy metal on this record: indie pop, electronic music and stonner make up a sequence of strangely harmonic songs, which, let's face it, lives up to the madness present in the scenario.


For fans of the stonner rock band, I recommend paying special attention to the Red Fang track entitled "Endless Sea" and "Toopal'z Song" by the band Wizard of Waz.

The album is available for purchase at this linklink outside website, and is also available on streaming services such as Amazon Music, Deezer and Spotify.