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Quiz: Which RPG race / species would you be?

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Find out what race or species of tabletop RPG you are with just 10 questions!

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Who doesn't love a tabletop RPG?! And of course, an essential part is character creation! Knowing your character's class and species is essential. With this quiz, you'll know which of the most famous species you would be!

In this quiz, we are going to refer to "races" as a species because the Wizard of the Coast itself has declared that it intends to no longer use the term "race" in the next D&D books, to be able to provide more inclusive adventures and not leave it open to problematic interpretations. If you are eager to know more, check out the article on the subjectlink outside website.


If you want further assistance creating your ideal character, check out our quiz about Which RPG classlink outside website suits you.

Without further ado, good luck! And don't forget to share your result!

Which place would you like to visit?

Answer image

The GroveCorrect symbol

Answer image

The SwampCorrect symbol

Answer image

The City PlazaCorrect symbol

Answer image

My Comfortable HomeCorrect symbol

What's your greatest quality?

I am smart!Correct symbol

I am humble!Correct symbol

I am communicative!Correct symbol

I am funny!Correct symbol

Which of these RPG classes interests you the most?

Answer image

WizardCorrect symbol

Answer image

WarriorCorrect symbol

Answer image

AssassinCorrect symbol

Answer image

RangerCorrect symbol

Question image

What would you look for in your RPG adventure?

Revenge!Correct symbol

Become the most powerful being!Correct symbol

Saving the World!Correct symbol

Keep the people I love safe!Correct symbol

Question image

What is most important in an RPG table?

InterpretationsCorrect symbol

To be able to play with my friends.Correct symbol

Story developmentCorrect symbol

To win every battle.Correct symbol

Question image

You realize you're about to enter a dragon's lair, what do you do?

I think over a strategy to slay the dragon.Correct symbol

I advise my party to escape.Correct symbol

I roll my stealth dice.Correct symbol

Goes all-in to the battle.Correct symbol

What would be your biggest flaw?

I am too naiveCorrect symbol

People can manipulate me.Correct symbol

I am impulsive and reckless.Correct symbol

I am too aggressive.Correct symbol

Question image

Upon completing a quest, what do you expect the reward to be?

What matters is that we saved the people, not the reward.Correct symbol

Money!Correct symbol

A very cool weaponCorrect symbol

An important title.Correct symbol

Question image

You and your group are around a campfire, you are the one who...

Cooks for everyone.Correct symbol

Stay alone reading ancient scrolls to learn new spells.Correct symbol

Keeps everyone entertained with jokes and musicCorrect symbol

Keeps sharpening your blade and training for the next battle.Correct symbol

If you could choose a universe for your character to live in, what would it be?

Answer image

MedievalCorrect symbol

Answer image

Post-ApocalypticCorrect symbol

Answer image

Modern timesCorrect symbol

Answer image

Steampunk.Correct symbol