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Quiz: Which Vox Machina character is most like you?

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Answer these 10 questions to find out which character from "The Legend of Vox Machina" is most like you!

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The Legend of Vox Machina is an Amazon Prime original animated show based on a tabletop RPG campaign broadcast by Critical Role.

The Vox Machina campaign began in 2015, and it was an instant hit, having around 100 episodes, all available on YouTubelink outside website. The campaign originally follows the story of 7 characters: Grog, Vex, Keyleth, Pike, Scanlan, Vax and Percy.

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Answer these 10 questions and find out which of these characters most resembles you!

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If you were an RPG character, which of these stats would you focus on?

Long-range attacksCorrect symbol

HealingCorrect symbol

Melee attacksCorrect symbol

Having a lot of healthCorrect symbol

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Your friends would say you're the most...

TrustworthyCorrect symbol

CreativeCorrect symbol

BraveCorrect symbol

ClumsyCorrect symbol

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Which of these is most important to you?

FamilyCorrect symbol

Power/KnowledgeCorrect symbol

FriendsCorrect symbol

RomanceCorrect symbol

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You're in an adventure, and you realize your friends are about to walk into a Dragon's den. What do you do?

I make up excuses to leave and not have to face the dragonCorrect symbol

I think of a strategy to kill it without anyone getting hurt.Correct symbol

I think of a way to steal the dragon's gold without having to fight.Correct symbol

I start sharpening my blades, because I'll be the one to kill it, if it's the last thing I do.Correct symbol

Which of these do you most enjoy?

Answer image

SleepingCorrect symbol

Answer image

ReadingCorrect symbol

Answer image

Listening to musicCorrect symbol

Answer image

Working outCorrect symbol

Which RPG race is your favorite?

Answer image

HumanCorrect symbol

Answer image

Elf/ Half- elfCorrect symbol

Answer image

DwarfCorrect symbol

Answer image

OrcCorrect symbol

Question image

Since when do you keep up with Critical Role?

From the first sessions, and I intend to keep up with it until their last ones.Correct symbol

Ever since the animated series, Vox MachinaCorrect symbol

Ever since the Comics were released about the Origins of Vox MachinaCorrect symbol

What is Critical Role?Correct symbol

Which of these dragons from the Chroma Conclave would you least like to face?

Answer image

Umbrasyl (acid)Correct symbol

Answer image

Raishan (Poison)Correct symbol

Answer image

Thordak (fire)Correct symbol

Answer image

Vorugal (Ice)Correct symbol

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Because of which of these reasons would you take revenge on someone?

None, I don't think revenge is worth it.Correct symbol

Jealousy. If I can't be happy, no one can.Correct symbol

If they try to hurt someone close to me. I'll never let anyone hurt those I love.Correct symbol

For Justice. If the person did something evil to someone who doesn't deserve it, they must suffer retribution.Correct symbol

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How much RPG have you played?

A lot! I even am/have been Dungeon Master in some tables.Correct symbol

I think I played one or two systems, at most.Correct symbol

A bit, I love playing, and I know lots of systems.Correct symbol

I really want to, but so far, I haven't played.Correct symbol