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Wizards announces "A Curriculum of Chaos", a crossover of Strixhaven and D&D

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Just like Ravnica and Theros, Strixhaven will also have its Dungeons & Dragons product!

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Wizards announced through IGNlink outside website that they will be releasing for Dungeond&Dragons a Strixhaven-themed Sourcebook on November 16.

Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, just like its predecessors, A Guildmaster's Guide to Ravnica and Mythic Odyssey of Theros is going to be a Sourcebook set on another one of Magic: The Gathering's famous planes: Strixhaven.

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Strixhaven is the most famous School of Mages from the entire Multiverse, where spells from many planes can be found.

According to D&D's Senior Communications Manager, Greg Tito: "The D&D guidebooks around Ravnica, and Theros have done amazingly well, and we thought that the Strixhaven storyline would appeal not only to fans of Magic and fans of D&D, but [also a] younger audience. There is a ton of information on how to create a campaign that would appeal to people of all ages... who love that kind of young adult coming-of-age storytelling – and so we thought Strixhaven would be perfect for dramatizing that in a D&D game."

The first info on the new Sourcebook came out in the form of a Uncharted Arcanalink outside website article with sheets and test materials that will go through a survey of the players themselves, so they can give their feedback.

Regarding this decision, Tito explained the development team felt more comfortable in working that way: "Rather than attempt to obfuscate that or call it something else, we decided just to announce that Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos was coming, so that we can get all of that feedback with that context in mind."

More info about Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos is going to be revealed on the D&D Live event, scheduled for July 16 and 17.

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