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Quiz: How Much do you know about The Legend of Vox Machina?

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Find out how much you know about The Legend of Vox Machina with these 10 questions!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The Legend of Vox Machina is an Amazon Prime series based on an RPG campaign by Critical Rolelink outside website. The series is now in its second season, following the adventures of Pike, Grog, Vex'ahlia, Vax'ildan, Scanlan, Percy, Keyleth and Trinket.

Find out how much you know about it with these 10 questions!

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Which color is Vex's feather?

BlackCorrect symbol

BlueCorrect symbol

WhiteCorrect symbol

GreyCorrect symbol

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What's Percy's full name?

Percival del Rolo IICorrect symbol

Percival del Rolo White Stone Ambassador IVCorrect symbol

Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo IIICorrect symbol

Pervical del Rolo Machina ICorrect symbol

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Who's Keyleth's voice actor/actress?

Marisha RayCorrect symbol

Ashley JohnsonCorrect symbol

Matthew MercerCorrect symbol

Laura BaileyCorrect symbol

Question image

To which goddess is Pike devoted to?

EvernightCorrect symbol

EverlightCorrect symbol

ForeverlightCorrect symbol

NevernightCorrect symbol

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How many dragons are part of the original composition of the Chroma Conclave?

2Correct symbol

4Correct symbol

3Correct symbol

5Correct symbol

Who was Brimscythe, the first dragon the party killed?

Answer image

Delilah BriarwoodCorrect symbol

Answer image

General Krieg TristanCorrect symbol

Answer image

Shaun GilmoreCorrect symbol

Answer image

Sir Gregory FinceCorrect symbol

Question image

What is the name of the ruler of Tal'Dorei?

Sylas Tal'Briarwood ICorrect symbol

Syldor Vessar Dorei IVCorrect symbol

Uriel Tal'Dorei IICorrect symbol

Aryele Tal'Dorei IIICorrect symbol

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Who is Kaylie?

Scanlan's daughter.Correct symbol

Scanlan's childhood loveCorrect symbol

Scanlan's sister.Correct symbol

Scanlan's ex-lover.Correct symbol

Question image

What's their name?

Alyria & JianaCorrect symbol

Allura & KimaCorrect symbol

Gia & BunaCorrect symbol

Cassandra & DelilahCorrect symbol

Question image

Who did Grog have to kill to get the gauntlets?

His cousinCorrect symbol

His uncleCorrect symbol

His fatherCorrect symbol

His masterCorrect symbol